AWS provides a robust, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform that drives hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe. MindCraft has partnered with AWS to provide consulting, implementation & migration services to customers.

With proven capabilities in AWS and a history of successful implementations, MindCraft can help you migrate to cloud with ease. With AWS, you can determine and track operational cost with tools such as Cost Explorer and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator.

AWS Technology Stack

MindCraft can provide a wide range of services on AWS such as:

Elastic computing using EC2

Containerization support using (Elastic Container Services) ECS / (Elastic Kubernetes Services) EKS

Serverless computing using Lambda functions

Serverless computing using Lambda functions

Public & Private DNS Services using Route 53

Isolated Public & Private networks using AWS VPCs and Subnets.

Secure service access using API Gateway

Flexible load balancing using Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

Database as a service using RDS

Highly scalable, secure with natively supported high-availability & DR options

Multiple Storage options such as Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Elastic File Storage (EFS) and Amazon S3

Data collation, transformation & aggregation using Data Pipeline

Visualization and analytics using QuickSight

Big Data processing using Amazon EMR

Integration services such as Simple Notification Services (SNS), Simple Queue Services (SQS), Simple Workflow Services (SWS) & step functions for orchestration across microservices

Comprehensive monitoring using CloudWatch

Automatic scaling and descaling to match varying user loads

Full range of DevOps Tools from CodeCommit to CodeDeploy

Support for non-AWS tools such as Jenkins & SonarQube