Logo Logic

Brand Heritage & Aesthetics of Simplicity

The MindCraft ethos has evolved over time. Over the years, we have striven to improve and transform the company to be able to deliver better solutions and services to our clients. The logo is a manifestation of certain key aspects of this journey.

The current logo was introduced in 2010. It was necessary to develop a suitable logo to integrate our rising profile in foreign countries along with stabilizing our business in the domestic market. The motivating factor to select an animal imagery was conscious as it depicts the business we are in.

An elephant represents intelligence, integrity, patience, wisdom and strength. MindCraft confers itself to each attribute of the elephant to represent a symbolic function.


The size of an elephant is commendable. So is the scale of operations and the volume of projects we undertake year long.

Strength & Stability

Elephants are well known for their strength and stability; software technology is our forte and we are here to stay, for good.


Just like the elephant with its mammoth size and mass is a leader amongst animals; we too have carved a niche in the software industry space and consider ourselves a frontrunner in this domain.


As a symbol of intelligence, the elephant is revered for its wisdom. Businesses like ours hinge on people and invest on human capital. Knowledge and Intellect form the foundational assets of MindCraft.

Largest Herd

We work well with teams, alliance partners and customers alike. This is akin to elephants who live in large herds with different members of their family.

Grey Colour

We believe in the mantra of “less is more”. Our quality of business speaks for itself and we please clients by conducting ourselves in a simple yet efficient manner.